About COMS

Researches and informations are coming at exorbitantly fast pace, so do our activities of divisions like DGMU, CEGMR, CIPM, ROYA'A; these have accordingly kept pace fully aware that breath taking fastness could have jeopardised our efforts. Sensing this, the COMS came into being through an imaginatively designed purpose of meticulously organizing the L'affaire of our vastly different activities. The Consultant Office for Medical Services (COMS) provided the opportunity to fine tune our activities in a more sensible way and to coordinate our mega showmanship. The COMS has now matured into an established platform to provide services ranging from medical, diagnostic, research, education and publication sectors in a real professional way. As an invaluable part of strategy, COMS value its clients immensely and seek to provide them with the high quality services and comprehensive support. What sets COMS apart from others is our passion, interactive and integrated approach to research, training and consultation as coventure. The COMS is committed to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. 'We challenge and interrogate the ideas'


COMS strives to become a leading consultation and services provider for core research facilities, biotechnology services, capacity building and in education services. We envision to provide excellent solutions in medical and halth care and commited to foster scientific vision so as to become a leading consultancy in health and allied areas. We are committed to create partnerships by offering access to a wide range of health care options.


COMS aims to provide the professional services to all types of clients tailored to the need of individual or organization through consistent scientific knowledge, quality practice and state of the art technology. COMS has established credentials in core researches, diagnostics and biotechnological products. Our scientists are fully capable of building a sustainable and productive business and partnerships with achievable results and success keeping the aim of
maximizing efficiency. Our efforts are to achieve excellent skills and explore innovative ideas. COMS mission: 'focus on result and reliability and invest in relationships'.