The premier innovation service focusses on personalized medicine in a clinical setting. We do conceptualization, fabrication, validation and marketing of post-genomic tools. It has access to a fully furnished facilities that includes:

  • Advanced Sequencing Unit with next-generation DNA sequencer
  • automated Library Builder and Personal Genome Machine
  • The X Ion Torrent Personal Genome machines to illumine NextSeq and Miseq platforms.

Main effort is to evaluate the potential to involve the business sector with state-of-the-art research facility. It has made an array of various custom diagnostic products such as:

  • HbScan
  • OtoScan
  • ThromboScan
  • BrCaScan
  • custom-made array for the screening of common mutations in breast cancer.
  • setting up partnerships with equipments suppliers
  • marketing of the validated kits in Personalized Medicine in the health services
  • identification of the genetic and epigenetic risk factors the common diseases.
  • elucidation of disease biomarkers and drug response modifiers,
  • Epigenome and the Proteome level and production and marketing of validated medical tests and test kits.

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