Consultants Office for Medical Services (COMS) in collaboration with Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR) announces the successful completion of its two day workshop (8-9th Sept, 2019) on “Applications of PCR in Diagnostic Molecular Genetics”. The main speakers of the workshop were Dr. Mahmood Rasool and Dr. Sajjad karim, associate professor from CEGMR, expertized in molecular biology and genomics techniques. The participants were graduates, post graduates, PhD students and faculty members from pharmacy, biochemistry and molecular biology background. The participants learned the process of amplification by learning theory and techniques for PCR and qPCR, including DNA/RNA extraction from blood, gel electrophoresis etc. Following this course participants were able to design primers, perform PCR, and troubleshoot the experimental problems. They also learned critical requirements for amplification, reverse transcriptase reactions, and real time qPCR.