Continuous Education Services

COMS/Continuous Education Service have so far arranged nearly fifty workshops and well over hundred training programs. This service integrates educational principles merged with a rigorous training…

Accreditation and Educational Supervision

COMS team of consultants are well-seasoned veterans in the development field, can work in complex environments and provide optimal and efficient results. Our international team of consultants brings…

BIS BioTech Solutions

This service delivers high quality cell culture media and buffered solutions to the researchers through rapid and consistent delivery system in KSA and beyond. The initiative is to make…

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About COMS

About COMS

Researches and informations are coming at exorbitantly fast pace, so do our activities of divisions like DGMU, CEGMR, CIPM, ROYA’A; these have accordingly kept pace fully aware that breath taking fastness could have jeopardised our efforts. Sensing this, the COMS came into being through an imaginatively designed purpose of meticulously organizing the L’affaire of our vastly different activities.

The Consultant Office for Medical Services (COMS) provided the opportunity to fine tune our activities in a more sensible way and to coordinate our mega showmanship. The COMS has now matured into an established platform to provide services ranging from medical, diagnostic, research, education and publication sectors in a real professional way.

Our Team

Our experienced staff believes in helping clients build a sustainable and productive business environment with achievable results to ensure success and to maximize productivity and efficiency.
Prof. Mohammad Al-Qahtani
Prof. Mohammad Al-Qahtani
Administration Department
Prof. Adel M. Abu Zenadah
Prof. Adel M. Abu Zenadah

Administration Department
Prof. Adeel G. Chaudhary
Prof. Adeel G. Chaudhary

Administration Department


COMS strives to become a leading consultation and services provider for core research facilities, biotechnology services, capacity building and in education services. We envision to provide excellent solutions in medical and health care and commited to foster scientific vision so as to become a leading consultancy in health and allied areas. We are committed to create partnerships by offering access to a wide range of health care options.


Latest News
CEGMR was Conducted a Workshop in How to Publish in High-Impact Journals
How to Publish in High-Impact Journals workshop was held in the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research on Thursday 02/05/2019. The workshop includ...
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COMS in cooperation with CEGMR Conducted a Workshop in Power of Bioinformatics
Hands on “Workshop in the Power of Bioinformatics” were held in the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research from Wednesday 24/4/2019 to Thursda...
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Mega Scientific Event
A – two day – participatory Mega Scientific Event was organized on April 23-24, 2019 at the main auditorium of KFMRC in collaboration with the Research C...
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- How to Publish in High-Impact Journals
Participants will learn how to prepare work and results for publication. We will show you how to carry out effective strategies and techniques in writing up different types of articles. You will learn how to publish your article in a high impact j...
- Applications of Clinical Cytogenetics
Participants will acquire up-to-date knowledge and hands-on practice about the important and use of the cytogenetics in the modern clinical practice.
- Applications of Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH)
FISH is commonly used in clinical setting for diagnosis and studying inherited genetic diseases. Participants will learn how to get valuable information/data about the chromosomal status for any human disease, analyze the data and report them by i...
- Applications of Microarray (Affymetrix & Agilent)
Applicants will understand the principle of microarrays technology and perform them using either Affymetrix or Agilent microarrays platforms and analyze the data in order to identify meaningful information/ biomarkers for a particular pathophysiol...

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