The Second Annual National Genomic Day

As part of the continuous endeavor to develop research staff's scientific qualities and educational standards among University students, the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR) has great pleasure in announcing the successful completion of the second annual National Genomics Day. The second annual National Genomics Day was held a day before the first International Conference organized by the CEGMR, corresponding to 15th February 2011 at KFMRC auditorium. A full day event was attended by more than 50 biomedical staff members from CEGMR and GMU who shared their knowledge and presented the work they have been doing with passion for the previous year. The staff who could not speak on the occasion due to time limitations presented their work in the form of posters.

In his inaugural speech, Prof. Mohammed Hussein Al-Qahtani, Director, CEGMR thanked and praised the staff for their hard work and encouraged them to work even harder and show highest degree of team-spirit in order that they succeed in science. Prof. Adeel Chaudhary in his highest enthusiastic 'genomics tune' stressed on the need to implement advanced technologies at the Center that will help us in the better translation of our research into medical practice. He implied the way in which CEGMR has been at the forefront of such an approach. In addition, he stressed on the need to educate people about the role played by genomic medicine research in improving health standards in the society. He is of the view that those in the research field ought to spend at least 10 minutes every day to educate their family members about genomics medicine research. Dr. Peer Zada termed this idea as “GENOMICS TAW'IAH” (Arabic word for awareness in genomics).

The 'Genomics Day' started with recitation from the Holy Quran followed by a lecture by Dr. Khalid Thabit from the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University. Dr. Thabit was cordially invited to give a presentation on the use of open source software and cloud computing. The one day program was organized into various sessions that included presentation from various speakers and poster viewing sessions. For providing a clearer picture of what actually was presented, the CEGMR Newsletter Committee has decided to publish the abstracts in series in each issue of 'GenomeExcell'. The Genomic day ended with an award distributing ceremony in which Prof. Al-Qahtani honored the staff with CEGMR souvenir for their unrelenting hardwork.

The First Annual National Genomic Day

The CEGMR has completed a very successful year of its establishment, organization and consolidation; and therefore decided to commemorate the first anniversary. The executive committee resolved to organize “Genomic Day” on 19 Dul Qa'da 1429 corresponding to 17th Nov 2008 in the main auditorium, KFMRC, KAU. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Bafeel, KAU's Vice Dean for Research and Development consented to be the guest of honour and graced the occasion. Following recitation from the Holy Quran, Prof. Mohammed H. Al Qahtani in his inaugural address presented the achievements of CEGMR. Prof. Adel Abuzenadah, Prof. Mamdouh Gari, and Prof. Adeel Chaudhary spoke and presided during various sessions. The Genomic Day was an open event where CEGMR staff was given opportunity to present their work and deliver short oral and poster presentations.
It was also a day to celebrate the center's accomplishments so far. The key persons as well as distinguished staff members were, therefore, honored for their contributions by the guest of honor.


The distinguished contributors included Prof. Mohammed H. Al Qahtani (Director, CEGMR), Prof. Adel Abuzenadah (Vice-director, Administrative Affairs, CEGMR). Prof. Adeel Chaudhary (Vice-director, Technical Affairs, CEGMR), Prof. Mamdouh Gari (Head, Education & Outreach Program, CEGMR), Prof. Waseem Ahmad Faridi (Consultant Research, CEGMR), Dr. Adnan Mazroa (Ex-Director, King Abdulaziz University Hospital), Dr. Kamal Daghastani (Ex-Director, King Fahad Medical Research Center), Dr. Hassan Jamal (Ex-Dean, College of Medicine, KAU), Dr. Adnan Merdad (Head, Breast Cancer Research Group, CEGMR) and Dr. Najla Gaffari (Consultant Pediatrician, Ministry of Health). The dignitaries applauded the achievements of CEGMR.

Due to massive support and enthusiasm shown by everyone, the executive committee decided to celebrate the Genomic Day on annual basis. The function was regarded as an impressive way of spreading scientific knowledge and creating awareness among young generation.


The First Conference cum Workshop to Introduce CEGMR

The Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research proudly conducted a major conference followed by workshops on Saturday, 16 Jamad ul Awal, 1428 H. corresponding 2nd June 2007 in the main auditorium of King Fahad Medical Research Center to introduce the Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research. Many dignitaries of the University graced the occasion. H.E. Prof. Dr. Osama Sadiq Tayeb, the President of King Abdulaziz University inaugurated the seminar with great fanfare. Also present on the occasion were Deans of Various faculties, foreign dignitaries, who were specially invited to deliver lectures on important aspects, such as: update on Cancer Genomics; recent advances in stem cell therapies; diagnostic applications of SNPs; and recent utilization of microarrays in cancer genomics.

The Talks were delivered by pioneers of these Fields. Prof. Ghulam Mufti from UK, Prof. John Davies, Canada; Dr.Dahmani Fatahallah, UK and Dr.Azim Mohamedali, UK were the important speakers. The panel of moderators comprising Prof. J.E. Davies, Dr. A Mohamed ali, Prof. Waseem Ahmad(Faridi) and Prof.G.Mufti separately held the moderation workshops and submitted their recommendations. Earlier, Dr. Mohammad Al Qahtani, Director CEGMR introduced the audience with CEGMR foundation. Dr.Adel Abuzenadah, Assistant Director highlighted the ongoing research programs. Dr. Adeel Chaudhary and Dr. Mamdooh Gari in their talks highlighted the service support units and continuing education and outreach program. At end, the vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Adeel Chaudhary. The one day meeting was a great success and came out with fruitful recommendations. A detailed plan for future was chalked out.