Providing consultancy services in the design and implementation of joint professional training programs and innovative professional programs with institutions and scientific committees to contribute to enhancing the performance of basic tasks to meet the needs of the community and the labor market.
The mergers occurring in the life sciences industry have generated an unprecedented amount of activity, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars in transactions. As a multidimensional endeavour with long-ranging repercussions, such decisions require well-planned strategies to reach a successful and financially beneficial outcome.


Offering a combination of business acumen and compliance expertise, COMS guides life sciences organizations in evaluating and executing each transaction from a quality, compliance, and regulatory point of view. By providing an objective evaluation of where the potential quality-related issues and opportunities reside, we offer a means of determining potential risks, identifying compliance issues, and ensuring that business objectives are reached.
As a compliance consulting firm, COMS provides customized strategies that cover the increasingly critical aspects of mergers, including pre-transaction compliance assessments, post-transaction integration, and often-overlooked cultural factors that may exist within the quality process. COMS due diligence tactics critically evaluate an acquisition target’s regulatory, quality, and operational characteristics to gain a complete perspective of the company from that all-inclusive point of view.

Our diverse skillset provides clients with insights into the level of integrity within the quality process at many levels, including:

  • Facilities assessment.
  • Organizational evaluations.
  • Efficiency potential.
  • Regulatory exposure.
  • Full due diligence assessment of target products, processes, and procedures.
  • Planning and execution for go-forward integration.
  • Applications, platforms, and systems assessments and integration.
  • Combining quality group talent assessment, retention, and organizational change planning.