Participants will learn how to prepare work and results for publication. We will show you how to carry out effective strategies and techniques in writing up different types of articles. You will learn how to publish your article in a high impact journals.

  • Better writing for publication: basic and advanced skills in writing different sections of the article
  • Preparing a high-quality figures, tables and statistics
  • Types of articles and best strategies in writing them up
  • Where to publish my work: Learn how to find and identify a high-impact journal
  • Writing a cover letter to the editor
  • The editorial flow: what editors look for?
  • The editorial process and how to respond to the reviewers' comments
  • Ethical issues when you write a manuscript
  • The publisher's perspective on increasing publications impact and reach

Date: 21/4/2020
Price: 500 SR
CME: 6 hours

Speakers: Prof. Muhammad Abu-Elmagd, Dr. Mourad Assidi

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  • 10/10/2019
  • 05/09/2019
  • 02/05/2019