Peer to Peer Level Consultations

COMS gives health care providers unparallel access in medical genetics and clinical genomics expertise through Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research (CEGMR). Our staff consists of geneticists certified in clinical, medical and biochemical area with specialties in paediatrics, internal medicine, maternal fetal medicine, neurology and in other relevant fields. Our group of laboratory directors are experts in all facets of the interpreting genomic information of patients. The peer to peer consultancy provides a full range of services on clinical interpretation of genomic data to second opinion required in the significance of genetic variants identified by other clinical laboratories also.

Individual and Family Level Consultations

COMS provides all types of scientific and applied contractual consultations through a team of specialized persons. Our genetic counsellors are well versed with recent trends and include health professionals fully qualified with specialized graduate degrees and experience in medical genetics and counselling. Trained professionals help an individual or family to:

  • Apprise of the medical facts, diagnosis, course and pattern of disorder along with possible management
  • Explain how heredity contributes to a specific disorder with chances of recurrence
  • Suggest alternatives dealing with the risk of recurrence
  • Propose course of action based on risk of a patient, family expectation, and ethical and religious believes
  • Develop resources and strategies to suitably cope with the situation more deeply